Just another day.... sota

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Just another day.... sota

Postby Greywolf » Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:22 pm

It's been a while since I have been hunting, work is too much, too demanding and takes a lot of my time these days. For us older farts, we are suppose to be teaching the young pups and showing them.

Friday was a nice day, they gave us a few hours off early, Heck Yeah !! I was out the door in a flash.
I had filled the feeder the Saturday before, and had my eye on one problem hog, who I'll referrer to as "Spots". You'll see why in a few minutes, Oh , now might bet the time to go take a bathroom break or cup a cold beverage... Fair warning !!
I was heading to the ranch within an hour of leaving work, I'd be getting there at about 3-3:30, for most people that's a great time, But at the ranch? when the feeder is filled, it's a hit or miss thing, I've had some hogs come in and take up residence on the side of the ridge till the feeder goes off, sometimes a full 2 hours before. That makes sneaking in tough.
My old pop up blind has been out for 5 years straight, it's seen thousands of hogs and had plenty killed out of it too, I was hoping beyond all dreams this Friday would be just as special. I turned into the ranch and an instant calm came over me, you know the feeling, yeah, same one as you turn down the last road to get to camp, or that special hunting spot.... Yep that one.

I was greeted by a couple people with all the problem hog stories and where they were over the last week, I'll just say, they were all over, Gosh I'll bet those Horse eating hogs are real scary !!
I listened as best as I could which with some long winded women...... yeah enough said. I was slowly easing away like , let me get out of here ok, but they'd walk and talk too, I hate people who can multitask.

As I crossed the creek on paddock owner pointed up the ridge, I nodded in approval and gave a subtle hand wave, I parked and readied as fast as I could, I grabbed my gear and started towards the trail. That's when I stopped myself and said out loud, Stop ! breathe, now let's go slow, this is MY TIME !!

I smiled at the scolding I had just given myself, I'm glad I still listen to myself.
I made my way to the trail, things were still over gown from the trim I gave it last week, but it needed more removed the cats claw vines are out of hand. I slowly made my way to the fallen log, I have these markers on the trail, the fallen log is 28 yards from the feeder, after a brief stop I didn't see anything, so I inched up slowly there had been rain on Monday, so the ground was soft to walk on but not slippery muddy, I became a statue when I saw some in the "Pit' move.... Oh crap ! I sure hope it's a chicken.. a couple of long second reconfirmed yep, it was a couple of Forest chicken. whew.... on slowly I go.

The Chicken saw me and make a scene leaving as they always do, I eased up and Yep, no hogs in the Pit !
I pulled out my lighter and flicked it to life, the flame bent in a direction it had been a while since I had seen. I was going to have to hunt the condo tonight, well, it's a great spot but not as conformable as the blind, out side more mosquitoes and quite open. Shoot ! Oh well I guess I had gotten lazy in my surrounded secluded spot, so tonight is stealth mode.. back to real hunting.....
climbed onto the second floor, sweep the debris away as quietly as I could, which sounded like a D-9 bulldozer to me.
I settled in rearranged the my chair to make sure I wouldn't butt over tea kettle out the back of the second floor blind.
Ahh, I had almost forgotten what a evening like this was like.

I clear a couple of sticks and twigs out of my drawing range and shooting lane, Feeling kinda cocky, I muttered to myself, Bring it on Spots !!!
I'm really after just one problem hog she can do a lot of damage on the riding field so she is my target for tonight, if she shows up. I looked around for anything, that might cause a issue, nope... Good to go !!

Just a mere 9 yards, Yep, I likem close, as I settled in, the forest chicken came back around,as soon as it saw me it started the warning cluck they do, Oh crap ! Am I going to have to kill it to shut it up? I pulled my number one hog arrow off the string and grabbed my super duper chicken killer arrow ! As I slowly stood and started to draw, the chicken headed for the ridge in a dead run. It was walking back and forth clucking a warning about 30 yards away. This wasn't GOOD!
I listen to it for about 3 loooong minutes that was enough, I found a opening that if it walked into, I was going to send the arrow, as if the chicken read my mind it walked into the opening, I know ....I know.... it was daring me to shoot it, So I did, I squatted to clear the top of the opening and loosed the arrow, it looked good, But the chicken had kept walking, the arrow hit little low and behind it. That was all that was needed the chicken high tailed it out of there. Yeah baby !!!

As I settled my cocky almost killed a chicken self back into my comfy chair, I waited.....and waited.... then I waited some more.......
Was this going to be a zero evening... NO !!! it can't be. The feeder sprang to life the last time, You know that feeling you get when it's a clear signal that things will close up in 15 minutes, 20 at the most !
Yeah that one, I was starting to feel like oh well.... No more chickens, No hogs... nothing! Wasted !!
Well,Not really... any time in the woods is good, but when it's been such a long time you rea..... what was that?

My heart picked up a couple beats and I got that warm fuzzy pin prickly feeling for adrenaline rush, I just had. I looked on the side of the ridge, another $*)^%# chicken. Well it's been a good evening as well,
I was just getting ready to reach for my side quiver beside my chair when standing there.... just plain a day... "SPOTS"
Yep just standing there looking at the feeder, 5 feet from the condo and she had came in down wind too.

She wasn't in any kind of a rush, as a matter of fact.... actually looked uninterested. She meandered over to the edge of the Pit and stood there looking. I would have to get up and take a full step to the right to get a shot, so I slowly started to stand up, I also noticed I wasn't breathing as smoothly as I was a few seconds ago either... dang... I love that feeling !!

I started to take my step when the chair scooted across the plywood floor, you know that LOUD scraping sound? Yeah she noticed it too, she backed off and now was behind the tree and the floor of the condo, I was silently cussing myself for a rookie mistake, after all these year and you scoot a \%@# chair on the floor...Really?

I had no idea where she went, I could hear her but didn't know where she was, after a few second (hours) she walked out on the right side, she was beneath the condo. She had be 5 feet under me the whole time.
Slowly she assumed the position on the rim of the Pit. She stopped right in the center of a shooting lane that I hadnt made. but that's fine with me, all I need for her to do was turn a little more..... Please... went though my mind hoping she would hear. Then ......she walked forward into the Pit Butt facing me !

It was about this time I noticed it was getting dark, Yep, that 15 minute time frame was closing real fast.
Would be tough to go home empty handed after being so close that the light buzzer ran out ! But it looked just that way.
I don't wear a watch so I had no clue, what time it was. I just knew that is something didn't happen in the next couple minutes I'd have to call it a day...err.. evening.

As I refocused on her she turned, Now you remember that I had given her a nickname? Spots right, well one of those spots was my focal point right now, I slowly raised the bow, and I guess every thing was right with the world as I realized I had just released my arrow............ she squealed,, darted side ways, and headed off in the wrong direction... remember from my previous hunts, I said all my hogs run towards the truck? Not tonight !!!!!!
I got to the count of 6 when I lost sight of her, I felt great with the shot and I looked back at where she was standing, OH yeah !!!

As you can tell I had to have flash with the camera, it was now just a mere 30 second later...DARK !!!
I climbed down out of the condo and walked over bent over to examine the blood closer, yep, that's good blood. I knew she didn't go over the ridge so she was somewhere in that mess of angles near the cats claw I told you about earlier.
the blood trail was not hard to follow at all ....I walked to the last place I saw her, and shined the light ahead....Image
Oh I love things like this !!! so I moved up for a closer look
Image Yepper !!!!

I walked over knelt down, said a silent thank you and pulled out my hog drag, wasn't as bad, she did try to correct her course to head for the truck , but due to the lack of blood she didn't quite make it.

Once back at the truck I called home and told my wife to start supper with out me, she was delighted I had a great hunt.
The trip home was quite, no one was at the ranch so I show them I had removed one of the major field destroyers.... it's ok, no one knows I kill anything unless you know my "Got one sign".

At home I started the butcher process I took a few pictures of Spots, just to show you how nice it is to have a "Spot" already made for you to shoot at..


And even better when one is a point of aim spot !!

She tipped the scales at #89 perfect eating size. It's good to be back in the saddle again.
Nice and quiet.. but I still love the heart rushes and the fast breathing.

Oh what the heck one more selfie

Oh I can't forget the the killing machine..

Ya' all have a great time in the snow and cold !

Uh.. Shoot !! I just remembered... I need to go get my arrow I shot at the chicken Hehehehe,
You never get a second chance to make a first good shot Greywolf

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Re: Just another day.... sota

Postby zeek from coon creek » Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:26 pm

Aloha, and congratulations on a nice hunt. It's good to see you on here; you've been missed. Many of the old regulars seem to have found someplace else to hang out. I imagine Facebook has a lot to do with it. I know what you mean by work consuming your entire life. My job just keeps demanding more and more hours. I can remember when I was a kid in jr. high they told us that by now we would be working a standard 32 hour week. HA! everybody is working more hours than ever, or none at all depending on whether they are employed or drawing somekind of govt. check.

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Re: Just another day.... sota

Postby Greywolf » Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:19 pm

Aloha My friend, good to see ya again. Yep it's time to start rounding up everyone and gettem back here.

I had one friend to accompany me to the Pit, He had never killed a hog before. He is also new to Trad, so I said, tell ya what, since the Condo is out of service due to the winds how about using your "C" bow and then get a kill or two under your belt. He wasn't happy about it, but he agreed. I told him shooting through the netting was a whole different animal !
Well, when the hog walked in he went into full "OH MY GOD" mode.
I had a laser pointer and he asked 4 times if he could go ahead and shoot it, I laughed and said let it get here first. Well, seeings he was gonna shoot it anyway, I pointed at the heart and the arrow went, Ohhh let's say a "Tad bit High" He spined it from 9 yards, It was a #92 boar, so that "Tad" was about 12-13 inch off.

But he got his first Hawaiian hog. I would post a pic but its against the rules LOL, but it was a nice hog.
You never get a second chance to make a first good shot Greywolf

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Re: Just another day.... sota

Postby Sneakon » Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:37 am

So sweet! Great story!
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Re: Just another day.... sota

Postby TradRag » Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:04 am

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Re: Just another day.... sota

Postby KsBow » Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:09 pm

Well done Mark, Thanks for sharing. :applaud:
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Re: Just another day.... sota

Postby FullDraw » Mon Feb 22, 2016 8:45 pm

Aloha Mark,

Congratulations on the "spot" removal!! That was an awesome shot and quick dispatch. I'll bet those ladies baked an appreciation cake for you!!
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Re: Just another day.... sota

Postby Greywolf » Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:33 am

FullDraw wrote:Aloha Mark,

Congratulations on the "spot" removal!! That was an awesome shot and quick dispatch. I'll bet those ladies baked an appreciation cake for you!!

No not really, only thing was asked was: "When are ya getting rid of the others"?
Like it's my job LOL.

Oh well can't win for losing I guess. and they wonder why I started fly fishing? :applaud:
You never get a second chance to make a first good shot Greywolf

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Re: Just another day.... sota

Postby Winter Hawk » Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:48 pm

That fly fishing might be fun, but you can't catch enough flies to make a meal... :eek:

Glad to see you back!

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