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Post by hanshi » Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:17 pm

I didn't know where to put this, so move it as you wish.

Anyway, We moved from Va back in July to SE Maine. I have my lifetime hunt/fish license but it won't be until next season that I'll get to do any of either. Of course miracles do happen. I've already found a nearby gun club I'm about to join; gotta have a place to shoot, ya' know. I've also contacted The Ancient Ones of Maine and have been invited to join, thanks, nit wit.

Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast. :dance:
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Re: Moved

Post by WinterHawk » Thu Sep 13, 2018 4:40 pm

I AM S-O-O JEALOUS, you dirty dog! :eek: Congratulations are in order. :applaud: :applaud: :applaud:


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