UPDATED Dynamic Spine Calculator 3-15-2010

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UPDATED Dynamic Spine Calculator 3-15-2010

Post by Les » Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:08 am

Stu Miller 3-15-2010 Dynamic Spine Calculator

Stu has just released an updated version of the Dynamic Spine Calculator 3-15-2010.
There are now more shafts available and strand counts for Fast Flight Strings.

You may download the new revised version and directions at http://www.heilakka.com/stumiller/

There are some cosmetic bugs if using Open Office but these will not affect calculations.

Please note the following windows of the calculator are dropdown menus, By clicking on them a down arrow will appear allowing you to make your selections

1. Arrow Shaft Size - allows selection of various shafts and OTHER if shaft not found
2. Footing – yes or no
3. Feathers – select 3” 4” 5” or vanes
4. Strike Plate - allows for both positive and negative calibration from center cut of bow
5. String Material – B50 or Fast Flight (strand count of 06 – 16)

I would like to thank Stu for his time and effort. I have found the calculator a very helpful tool.

If you have any problems with webpage downloads contact me through the forum.

Les Heilakka

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Re: UPDATED Dynamic Spine Calculator 3-15-2010

Post by Night Wing » Sun Mar 21, 2010 6:53 pm

Looking forward to using the revised March version. :D Sure makes tuning aluminum arrows easy. 8-)
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Blacktail TD Recurve: 66", 37# @ 30". Arrow: 32", 2212. PW: 75 Grains. AW: 421 Grains. SPD: 174 fps. GPP: 11.37

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