Posts, How-to's, videos, etc. on tips that you have to help us all fine tune our traditional hunting gear.
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Post by daniel.liss » Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:09 pm

In the Army we use acronyms a lot to help us remember things so I came up with last night to help me before I go out stalking I hope you can use this as well!

Does not have to be Real tree, mossy oak, or any type of expensive camo... But it works if u can afford it
Old school plaid or any other type of clothing that breaks up works well
Stay away from solid colors and use dull colors such as browns, greens, and black.
Military camo works amazing and it’s cheap and can be found at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, and surplus stores
Adding natural vegetation is amazing as long as it fits the scenario your hunting
Ghillie outfits are another great camo to have they break up your outline and are cheap to make
Camo your face with mud or paint, you can even wear a mask
DON'T SMILE teeth are a dead giveaway it’s hard not to smile though when your 12 feet from a white tail
Use natural cover too... Lean up against a tree, lay on the ground or a fallen tree and don't be afraid of getting into thickets most animals know it’s hard to get into it and don’t bother too much w them
Always look eye level to what you’re stalking
Don’t stare at your feet
Bring binoculars they are a great tool to have and can extend your view greatly
Learning how to glass the forest can be a great trait to have
Use your ears open them up and tone out the city life you are used to
Once your tuned in with Mother Nature you will be surprised with what you hear
Listen to the animals they are the alarm in the woods and will sound different when they know you’re there or not
Listen for twigs breaking and brushes moving
Before entering the woods walk 25 meters and turn around now walk 25 meters at 1/10 of your pace
Slow fluid movements are the key to this
If something sees you freeze and wait until it calms down
Move when the animals head is down or feeding or quartering away from you don't try and move while it’s looking up at you.
Walk in a single file foot in front of foot leaving pressure on back foot so you can feel with front and avoid breaking a branch or crushing leaves, roll the foot from the outside in to help with pressure on front foot and avoid walking over objects
Also the tighter the fabric the better but not restrictive and wool works better than cotton its quieter
While stalking it’s a great investment to buy moccasins there soft and easy to move in
Don’t smoke
Try to stay away from strong odors before you stalk
Don’t fill up for gas the day of the stalk
Use scentless soaps for showering and washing hunting clothes
You can also make a clean fire by using all natural ingredients and smoke your clothes the Indian's and settlers used this technique and it worked
For your breath chew on pine needles or have peppermint gum
Always keep the wind in your face
Always keep an eye out for alternate routes if sound changes
Be patient if you’re surrounded by sign and have done everything right they will come
Clear your mind of all negative thoughts
Look at your surroundings and if u lose a track or get frustrated and think positive cause u are hunting right
Bring a pencil and waterproof notepad (write in rain) draw sketches of good hides or areas to hunt and take notes (age of tracks, how much sign you see, what times of the day produce more movement, what you saw, what kind of food you see, trails, and bedding areas)
Make up your own key and also map out routes
Bring home your drawings and at home you can plan how to make your hide better using the surrounding vegetation
Use your logs for future hunts or stalks to better prepare you
At times it may be boring or you snapped a twig bit be patient remember good things come to those who wait hunting is not easy and that's good even though it can be frustrating and stalking/hunting is not learned over night
And always practice

Thank you and let me know what you think or I have missed some thing
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Post by JMartin » Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:34 am

I read something once, I always think about it when I'm in the woods. It said "Walk in the woods like you belong there" After I read that, I started messing with my farm animals a little, especially the goats. :shock: (That didn't come out like I meant for it to :oops: ). I would be walking through the woods bolt upright, slow and easy, with all eyes on me. Then without breaking stride, I would get in a semi-crouch, or hunker, and slow down to nearly a crawl, and brother would they ever take note, eyes open wide, ears up and fixin to haul butt. My horses don't react exactly the same, but when I act like a predator (crouching, trying to look smaller) they do watch me very intently until I either get out of sight, or start walking normally. I think my stupid cows just wanted some cubes, and didn't notice the difference. Now, I know you can't go lolly-gagging through the woods, singing, and hugging trees, and expect the animals to come rushing out to be one with you, but how many times have you been scouting, or simply walking through the woods with no intentions in particular, and walk right up on deer, or hogs?

Now, having said all this......I still find myself crouching while still hunting, or especially when stalking. But it sounds good in theory.

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Post by daniel.liss » Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:48 pm

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