How much sanding?

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How much sanding?

Postby wjhpc » Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:41 pm

little wing.JPG
before sanding
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First post on this terrific website.

Just moving from compound to traditional and feel I have to tinker. Before I mess up a great bow, I thought I would refinish a kids AMF Little Wing that was sitting around. Green glass over wood on the limbs, like a Bear.

I have read the posts that I should sand off the old "finish" but how do you know when finish is gone?? When I sand with 220 a white residue appears and the green turns hazy. How do you tell when you have sanded enough? When the residue turns up green rather than white?

Looking for the key to tell when finish is gone so I can polish then TruOil or poly.


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