Riser & Limb repair /1961 Herters recurve

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Riser & Limb repair /1961 Herters recurve

Postby d frenchy » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:33 pm

I have a Herters recurve that needs some help ....Top limb looks like the glass has cracked , what kind of repairs can I do to a limb ....Can I sand it down and re-glass it if need be .....really would like to get this bow into shooting mode and bring it back to life .....and the riser has a crack in it as well , but have heard Locktite 420 is the answer .....ok any help would be appreciated ....... thanks :archer2:
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Re: Riser & Limb repair /1961 Herters recurve

Postby hawkthrower » Tue Jul 04, 2017 11:37 am


Looks like you haven't heard from anybody about your dilemma in a while - So I'll throw in my 2cents....

The crack through the riser looks like the risers lamination had a flaw. With out careful inspection I'd say be wary! The riser coming apart at full draw will hurt! If you are able to open the crack even a small amount and use a "wicking" CA glue and then clamp the riser and close the crack on the adhesive you might still not get the crack issue completely solved.

As for the limbs I cannot make out from your photo exactly what is going on there. There may be some crazing of the resin in the fiberglass but I cant see cracks.
Something to worry about with resin after many years is it's ability to flex and stretch without cracking. Dried out resin can and will come apart at some point. I have several bows approaching 60 years old that are not showing signs of resin fatigue. I check them carefully before I take them out for a shoot! Once a bow begins to show signs of the resin breaking down, it's time to retire it to the wall and your fond memories (sadly, I have a few on my wall).

I as yet have not found a good way to revive fiberglass resin once it has deteriorated other than cosmetic. Re-resining the limb will make it look good again, but that's about it. You need something to penetrate into the lamination and refresh the resins' flexibility. If someone has a good method to accomplish deep re-fresh of the resin that's what is needed in many cases.
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