Bucks That Lived for Another Season

Post your trailcam pics here or see what others are catching on film!!
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Bucks That Lived for Another Season

Post by KsBow » Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:23 pm

I pulled three cameras today. One, a Christmas present, didn't get a thing, operator error I'm sure. The old Moultries caught several decent bucks. There is hope for the future. On particular heavy horned 8 pointer I really like. He's the one close to the camera, you can see only his left side.
1-1-15 BH Buck.JPG
1-1-15 BH Buck.JPG (160.68KiB)Viewed 1583 times
1-2-15 BH 8.JPG
1-2-15 BH 8.JPG (86.88KiB)Viewed 1583 times
1-3-15 BH 10.JPG
1-3-15 BH 10.JPG (146.18KiB)Viewed 1583 times
1-4-15 Bowl Buck.JPG
1-4-15 Bowl Buck.JPG (160.51KiB)Viewed 1583 times
1-4-15 Bowl.JPG
1-4-15 Bowl.JPG (91.88KiB)Viewed 1583 times
1-4-15 Good One.JPG
1-4-15 Good One.JPG (153.13KiB)Viewed 1583 times
1-4-15 Bruiser.JPG
1-4-15 Bruiser.JPG (159.34KiB)Viewed 1583 times
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