Late October Buck

Post your trailcam pics here or see what others are catching on film!!
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Late October Buck

Post by KsBow » Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:52 pm

I had this fellow at 12 yards Friday evening at 5:15 pm. I had a doe hanging and didn't want to have two deer to process one after another. So I passed him up. I know there are bigger ones out there. I may kick myself later, but I don't think so. The doe made it into the CRP and I found her about 30 minutes after the hit. Coyotes were howling all around, so I knew I better get on her in a hurry.
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Re: Late October Buck

Post by Poggins » Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:49 pm

Looks like you are doing a little doe management Ralph, just can't bring myself to shoot my doe behind my house she raises her fawns there every year. I need to go down the road to my other spot and see if the big bucks are moving there in the day.

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Re: Late October Buck

Post by Oklahoma Leatherman » Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:13 am

Nice doe Ralph. Love the cart too! That way there is no dragging involved ;)

That is a nice buck there. I hope you get one better soon! How long does your bow season go up there? It is good to see the tornado did not totally ruin your honey hole!!

I know what you mean Billy about taking out the doe so close to your house. When I visit my in-laws in Western Oklahoma they have a group of 3 does that always raise their offspring right there around their house. When I hunt out there by their pond/creek my mother-in-law always threatens me if I shoot one of "her" does, so I let them walk. And of coarse that is usually all I see!

We have a group of 3 adult does with 2 fawns visiting our feeder every morning and evening near Binger but I hate to shoot one of them. At least, I'm hoping, that they will attract something with horns soon! If I can pick out the doe that is dry latter in the season I wouldn't mind taking her. Sure would be some good eating! I am ready for some fresh backstrap off the grill.

I've never seen so many days this early in the season with north winds. All my stands are set up for south winds or SW winds. The three times I threw caution to the wind and set in a stand anyway I never saw hide nor hair of a deer. When I got down and walked back to the truck I did however see fresh tracks. Errr.... One of these mornings or evenings I'll catch it where the wind is right. It's getting to be that time for an all day sit.

How is the moon phase effecting you all right now? Work and family life, and the north winds have kept me from going to the woods this past week and a 1/2.

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Re: Late October Buck

Post by stickandlimb » Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:02 pm

Nice one Ralph.......I took my selfbow one time and set in a ground blind I made of cedars....a buddy of mine text me and I was texting him back when I heard corn crunching . When I looked up a doe was standing 10 foot from me and saw me look up.....she ran and blowed.. I was mad at myself for having out my phone while hunting but I went ahead and finished my text....when I was through I closed up my phone and seen the doe was back and looking right at me again.......can you get mad at yourself again when your already mad at yourself. It was still light but I got up .....kicked a small tree while mumbling in my truck and went home :oops:
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