I think it will work !!

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I think it will work !!

Postby Greywolf » Sun Dec 01, 2013 2:17 am

I was asking if anyone had an extra Ace arrow straightener around they would part with.
I was just about ready to pull the trigger on a new one from 3 rivers but $38.00 plus shipping to hawaii... Oh Whoa !!!

So I went to the home despit, and looked at the rollers for sliding doors they are large and not very wide, so I walked around and came up blank.
Today, the Marine and I were scouting and checking out mud wallows and he said lets go see if the feeder can be fixed, so we walked over and some son of a snake in the grass
had cut the feeder down they had to jump amd cut the hanging rope. it's the electric company kind, it's breaking strength is 1800 psi. but they got it cut
it was laying on the ground, I hope it hit the guy and broke his ankle and scarped it horribly and he gets a staff infection which requires his foot to be removed....
but where was I? Oh yeah the tie rope was a small piece of the same thing but it had a pulley and the rope went through there to pull the heavy feeder up
BINGO !!!! the pulley !! they come in different sizes and that might just be the ticket... so after we came out of the field, I went to Ace hardware.
The nice lady showed me where the pulleys were and then escorted me to the dowel rod section and I tested two till I found just one to just fit a 3/8s pulley
$3.18 cents later I was out the door and on the way back to the cave. when I got home, I put the longbow on the rack and changed the lathe to a mill
put a piece of aluminum stock in and cut a groove to just let the roller fit, I took the pulley apart, drilled a hole in the holder and put on a couple jambnuts to hold it all in place

Check it out... I already have straightened a bunch of shafts on the granite slab. I'm excited. I save myself #35.00 plus shipping to Hawaii

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Re: I think it will work !!

Postby Poggins » Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:21 am

That's using your head Mark , why buy it when you can make it . 8-)
That's what I do on a lot of my bee equipment , I can buy a couple of hive covers or buy a sheet of plywood and make several covers and some bottoms for the same price , the hive bodies are a different story though , it takes more equipment than I have and most hive bodies that you buy are thicker than the boards you buy . If I can find some one remodeling and they have some scrap plywood to dispose of even better .
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Re: I think it will work !!

Postby highnoonhunter » Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:27 am

Nice work Mark!
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Re: I think it will work !!

Postby White Falcon » Sun Dec 01, 2013 3:41 pm

Looks like a winner to me!
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Re: I think it will work !!

Postby stickandlimb » Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:52 pm

Glad you posted this . I was just thinking of buying me one now I can just make me one . I have a lot of pulley wheels because I found a bunch of them at a trade day sale ....Hope I have the right size . :applaud:
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