CVA Bobcats & Mountain Stalkers Plastic Stocks Recoil Pads

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CVA Bobcats & Mountain Stalkers Plastic Stocks Recoil Pads

Postby USCSURVEYOR » Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:08 am

I have several CVA Bobcats & Mountain Stalkers with the plastic stocks. The recoil on them, because they are light, can be quite a bit with max or near max loads. I found that the Crush Zone Recoil Pads that is on the CVA Wolf, Buckhorn, etc. are interchangeable with the plastic butt plate of the Bobcats & Mountain Stalkers. These recoil pads can be found on ebay and other internet sites. I bought mine directly from CVA. These recoil pads really helped my son when he was younger. They would also benefit smaller framed shooters and ladies also. Good Luck!
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