How I repaired my Bear Tigercat limb

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How I repaired my Bear Tigercat limb

Postby Jumpster » Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:24 pm

So I recently acquired a batch of 7 Grayling Bear bows. While I'm fairly certain that they have been well cared for, the gentleman selling them had dozens, I placed them all on the tillering tree; first with a loose string and then with a proper string, in an attempt to determine suitability of use. I am happy to say, no creaks, squeaks or anything that would deter me from using them. In fact, I've since shot them all - except this one...

A Tigercat with a limb that's delaminating and split a good length down the string groove...

Delamination of limb

Well of course I wanted to shoot it too so after thinking about how I could fix it, this is what I came up with.

So first off, I went through my scrap wood pile and found what I hope is a suitable block of wood.

Rummage block of wood

I figure my best chances of success will be if I can apply even pressure across the limb once its glued back down. When building a bow that's achieved using a form. This block will serve that purpose...

Once I've got the block shaped out, I taped the bow up with the only tape I could find at the time: metal heat duct tape.

All taped up

For some reason, all my other tapes seem to be missing... Anyway, the form is not meant to bend the bow to my will so I used the good limb to trace out the form before cutting to shape. Here it is for the dry run.

Formed to shape

After the dry fit and tape up, I prepared a small dose of EA-40 and applied it to the troubled limb. Placed it in the form (wrapped in cling wrap) and let it sit and cure for 2 days.

I had considered using heat to cure it but I have no idea what glue was used in the 60's or 70's when she was made and so I'm not sure how the higher temps will affect the rest of the bow. Bought I'd play it safe...

Anyway, here she was showing all of her glue boogers...

Glue boogers shown

So to clean up the boogers, I took my time and sanded them down with a 300 grit sanding block. Hours later, I was able to place her on the tillering tree checking for anything else wrong. Was very pleased with the results and decided to share my experience...

Here she is showing off her battle scars with pride...

All cleaned up

I have since taken her out with the rest of her siblings and have flung many arrows downrange.

Here's her handle showing specs - if interested...

Specs on handle
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