Quiver and backpack?

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Quiver and backpack?

Postby jrmflintlock » Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:15 pm

How do those of you who hunt in remote area carry your arrows when a pack is being worn? I carry a internal frame pack with game bags, water, food etc. if I am succesful I usually have to pack meat out on my back. I'm struggling with a way to carry my arrows. When out stump shooting or practicing, I use a back quiver. I don't perticularly like having a quiver on my bow. But I guess that may be my only option. What say the group? Also how do you protect your broadheads in a back quiver?
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Re: Quiver and backpack?

Postby WinterHawk » Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:06 pm

On my back quiver, I found that I can run the strap down behind the side pocket of my pack, then around the quiver and back through the loop in the strap and then buckle it. It seems to stay in place pretty well. I also recently picked up a side quiver with the same idea in mind, that I can hang it on my belt when hunting and hook it to the pack when moving in and out of camp. I'm revisiting that idea as the one time I used it recently I got home from stomping around in the brush hunting stumps, I found I was missing an arrow.... :eek: It has the clips and foam base for the points (like an upside down bow quiver) and I must have snagged the arrow on some brush. Major bummer!

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