Amazing squirrel dogs

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Amazing squirrel dogs

Postby mic » Fri Jan 29, 2010 10:40 am

Here's a link to Michigan Out of Doors TV show.This weeks show has a squirrel hunting segment with two dogs that are quiet unique. I have never seen dogs hunt in this manner(running down the road in back country, I assume is public land,and scenting as they run along).They gun hunt in deep snow yet I can see using your bow,muzzleloader etc.The last segments of the show are videos submitted by viewers of deer hunts using gun and compound bows.I would have liked to see some Trad bow and muzzleloader hunts and in some of their previous shows they had some Trad bow vids.They have previous shows you can watch so check the Dec 10 show for Trad bow camp and hunt.
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