Help w/OK Hogs

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Help w/OK Hogs

Postby Phd2B » Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:08 pm

I've been lurking on the forums a lot and finally decided to register. Either way, here is my dilema; 3 friends and myself would like to chase pigs with our bows in Oklahoma over spring break. We've realized as grad. students we'd just feel like dirt old men if we went to the beach, and I'd have to shave my beard and lose 20 lbs. So this if far more apealing. We'd like to drive from Laramie, and spend at least 3 days hunting, obviously more is better when it comes to days afield. If we could do it on public that would be an added bonus, but not necessary. We're also willing to pay reasonable treaspass fees should that be the case.

Any information you could throw my way would be great since we are in the planning stages of this trip.
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Re: Help w/OK Hogs

Postby Greywolf » Wed Dec 22, 2010 1:49 am

I'd say start by googling Oklahoma Hog hunting and go from there. They have ranches listed as well as guides.

Might have to do some calling, but that's where I'd start.
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