Old guy but new to this forum

Just find your way to Trad Rag? Stop in and say, "Hello" and join us around the campfire.
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Old guy but new to this forum

Post by Breen » Tue Jun 14, 2016 10:18 pm

Glad to be here... have shot the bow for 54 years starting in 1961 with a Ben Pearson Junior Champion that I still have. Taught archery at Scout Camp in the late 60's and had an Ernie Root that pulled 35# and was a sweet shooter. Shot tourney in college with a Wing Presentation II and hunted back then with an ugly old leather grip Grizzly. Sure was a good shooting bow and it's still in the closet. Got caught up in the compound insurgence back in the mid-70's and now have gone full-circle back to my old Grizzlies... the old '58 and a '70 model 45# which is about all I can handle now. I have always fletched my own arrows with one of two Bitz tools, a Dial-o-Fletch with "Patent Pending" inscribed and an earlier model from the 50's with an Esterbrook clamp. Dip my own shafts and have a feather burner. My son is a southpaw and I found him an old Ernie Root Kadet like the one I used to have.

I see this is also a trad black powder site... I started with a Thompson kit gun in 1971. A flinter that I converted to percussion with a drum and customized it to suit me. Joined the Big Lick Long Rifles in the Roanoke Valley back in '78 and won the 50 yard offhand shoot at the Va State competition with a 45 out of 50. Shot the rifling slam out of it and put a Shilen .50 with a 1-66 twist on it. Joined the Appalachian Primitive Men as a Charter Member that year and hunted the mountains of SW Va with old Paul Arnold, part Shawnee, a longrifle gunsmith and character par excellence. Have a Hatfield .50 flinter my wife gave me back in the 90's and a .50 cal flint pistol by Paul with an original English lock and 4 inch barrel, named "The Pup". I shot a 38 out of 50 with it at the "78 shoot, much to everyone's surprise, as it bested several 10" barreled target pistols at the 25 yd range. The lock time on that pistol is not click-poof-bam like typical reproductions , but chffbam.

My mantra is KISS... Keep It Simple, Stupid.... the more gewgaws on it, the more there is to go wrong at the critical moment.

By the way... I didn't know my old Grizzly was a '58 until I accessed this site....

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Re: Old guy but new to this forum

Post by Winter Hawk » Wed Jun 15, 2016 9:02 pm

Welcome to TradRag! It's always good to see a new "old guy". We have a good mix of old and new, and all of us learn from each other. Glad to have you, and hope to see what wisdom you can share. Pull up to the fire and sit a spell!


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Re: Old guy but new to this forum

Post by TradRag » Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:26 am

Welcome! Glad to have you!
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Re: Old guy but new to this forum

Post by hawkthrower » Sat Jun 18, 2016 9:48 am

Welcome! Glad to have ya here!
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