bobcat trapping tips?

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bobcat trapping tips?

Postby twistedlimbs » Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:12 pm

Hey guys, this is my first season actually targeting cats. This is my first season as a montana resident and i live in cat country and in a region where i can collect several cats a year. these cats are thought to bring in up to $375 this year. needless to say i would still be very interested in $200 so i really want to figure out some of the best cat sets, lures and techniques so hopefully i can pick up a few. i would be tickled with even 2 or 3 cats this year but would love to step in $#!t, and pick up several cats.
here is what i have for gear so far.
i have a few #4 longsprings
a few #3 cs duke wide jaw traps
a few #3 and #2 montgomery step-in (square jaw cs)
and some more various #3 and #4 traps
along with 220 and\or 330 conibears
and unlimited amount of snares (mostly going to use these on circling trails for coyotes around the sets)
anyone else have any more suggestions about which of the traps i have would be best to use or which ones are good ones or what to stay away from? since these are big money catches i really dont want to lose any
of course i am familiar with dirt holes, cubby sets and using flagging and visual markers like fur and feathers
but what about cat toilets? what am i looking for when scouting for cat toilets? do they use special landmarks or elevated areas or anything? i just dont know what to look for as far as toilets go

more questions!!!!
also how many traps would you try to set per every, say, 50 acres?

what are really good lures and baits? i hear beaver is great bait and skunk, beaver and muskrat scents make great attracting scents as well. how about bobcat urine or commercial lures? i dont think i really need to use 3 or 4 different lures at each what lures should i really be looking into? any of you cat trappers, i would really love some help to save me many miles walking a line for no success

btw i heard they are not nearly as scent wary as coyotes and foxes...that correct? and for what its worth i am apparently a horrible coyote and fox trapper with leg holds. i never get them to come into my sets, usually a circle and they move on (see tracks in the snow)
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