help for a rookie

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help for a rookie

Postby Oregon Okie » Wed May 27, 2009 6:38 pm

Well, I'm not a trapper but I do have some questions you guys will be able to help me with I'm sure...
I guess i am a trapper because I have trapped a few town raccoons lately and skinned 'em.. now in freezer.
ok... what do I do now? :D
I know thaw 'em out and scrape. Can someone elaborate on the scraping process? i have read draw knife. Got it. What do I hold the hide with? I want fur on obviously since it is a coon. Probably going to use if for quiver projects. Maybe make the kid a hat for fun. Do I get it scraped and then dry it? salt it? borax it? and be done ...or tan it for this type of project? So I guess what I am hoping for is a bit of a walk through on what to do after the skin is off.
I've looked around online and haven't found many tips on scraping.
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Re: help for a rookie

Postby pintail_drake2004 » Sun May 31, 2009 11:51 pm

Well im no expert, but i have learned a few things in my short 23 years here. A draw knife will work, but fleshing knife is better at getting the job done. Coons are relatively easy to scrape except the tuff spot behind the neck. If you dont have a fleshing beam, a simple beam can be made froma round wood fence post. get you a 5' section, jab 1 end at the base of a solid wall, put the coon on the beam flesh side out, lean into the nose and beam and scrape away from you. when you are done, put the coon on a stretching board (i prefer wood, but wire will work). should take ~3 days to dry depending on location. The coons should look like this when fleshed and dryed

Do not salt the hide on the board, in fact it is not necessary if you plan on tanning soon. Trappers tan, krowtan, etc are all good just follow the directions. Tanning is the easy part, breaking the hide so it is nice and soft is the hardest part. get ya a 3/32 cabel, stretch it tight tween 2 trees and draw theflesh side of the coon over the cable until it is soft.

any ??? just give me a hollar. i have been doing this for 18 years. tanning for almost a decade too.
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Re: help for a rookie

Postby bentlimb61 » Sun Jan 25, 2015 2:00 am

An added tip, when fleshing be careful around the legs and nipples on a sow . It is easy to pop a hole in the hide. If using a fleshing knife use the back side, the dull side and just push the fat off after getting the tough part off around the head and neck.
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