Brining the Turkey

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Brining the Turkey

Postby Greywolf » Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:21 pm

Last year was the first year I tried soaking a turkey in a real heavy salt solution with a few other spices thrown in. It was some brand name I wasn't familiar with.
it had a different wonderfully different flavor, I'm a smoker type guy myself. hickory chips or guava for the flavor and color

But this year I really got into the doing the brine soak, it was fabulous, I followed the direction to the letter. then I baked it breast down which I guess is different then most do. it was the best turkey I've had in a long time.
As I said I love my smoked turkey but the "something" different was great.
This year Thanksgiving wasn't on Thursday like most people celebrated, WolfPup had to work mending fences, seems some idiot with a pair of wire cutters enjoyed making holes in the North shore pasture area and a few dozen cattle enjoyed people's garden and grass in their yards. She spent the day on horse back riding the 6 miles of fence line doing repairs. so Saturday was our Thanksgiving.

besides it came in a small mason jar, be surprised what all can go in a mason jar, sometimes being on an Island we forget the small little pleasures. The smile on my young neighbors face when I knocked on the door with a huge plate of thanksgiving dinner was just as good as it gets.

Next year? Smoked brined Turkey !!! :dance:
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Re: Brining the Turkey

Postby flyfisher76544 » Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:59 pm

Sounds great, but what is the recipe for the brine you used?
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