Gear up for Maumee River Spring Walleye Run

Do you fish from the bank or do you have a rig?

Gear up for Maumee River Spring Walleye Run

Postby jakedog » Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:29 am

All the jig makers have just about or have all their tackle ready for spring. It brings in hoards of people from all over the country to wade the mighty Maumee. I have not done this in years, not planning to. I go watch. They do get some giants out of that river. It can be funny to watch as lines get tangled and wardens write violations. Like I said there are giant
walleye in that river, come try it. Temp., water height, and timing are all keys. Read the regulations well. Bring some friends and have a good time. :dance:
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