trip to Yellowstone.

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trip to Yellowstone.

Post by eddie c » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:35 am

I can't really say this was camping but I couldnt figure where else to put this.
My wife and I made a trip to Washington state to visit some friends. We decided to drive through Yellowstone and maybe spend the night at one of it's hotels. first mistake is I didnt reserve a room. We entered thru the south entrance and had to go to the Mammoth Springs Hotel, northern most available room that night, which was 51 miles thru the park. 2-1/2 hour drive. speed zones were 25, 35 and 45 miles per hour and the park rangers were running radar. most of the drive was boring, almost like driving thru Natchez Trace State Park. Only actual wildlife we saw on the drive was the bison. Ol' Faithful area was neat to see, if you take away the tourist stores and tour buses.
got to the Hotel, $136 a night. This hotel was built , I think, 1937. except for the plumbing and linen, nothing has changed.Image

No free cup of coffee. We went to the 'food hall' to get some supper. Our waitress was from Alabama. we told her we were from Tennessee, " Howdy neighbor". she said "I came out here 21 years ago and never went back.". the guy that took care of our water glasses came from Chattanooga.
Back to the room, I found this.
holey soap. printing on the back. " This innovative ergonomically shaped 'wate reducing' soap has been designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars. This soap is cruelty free and contains no animal fat or byproducts. This carton is made from natural recycled packaging printed with soy based inks."
I thought " Gee, i didnt know using my soap completely up was wasting the center."
Then we go down to the gift shop. The sale gimmick at the gift shop is 'the procedes go to help protect the animals from globial warming and restore their enviroment.'
I've never been around so many "globial warming fearing, families wearing matching clothes, don't eat meat nutty folks' at one time in my life.
That night we sleep with the window open sine there are no AC units in the hotel. period none. but that was ok, we could hear the elk bugling all night from the hills. since we had a long drive left, the next morning I was taking the travel bags to the tahoe right at daybreak and almost walked into the cow elk on the front walk. there are elk droppings every where like there are goose droppings on the boat ramps at TWRA lakes. there was a bull with his cows in the parking lot.(video clip)
Yellowstone can not be truely seen in one days drive. maybe one of these years I will go back but no time soon
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Re: trip to Yellowstone.

Post by CallMaker » Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:54 am

Glad you learned about the soap bar centers and global warming Eddie.... :rolf: :rolf:
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