things that go bump in the night

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robert n leeper
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things that go bump in the night

Post by robert n leeper » Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:54 pm

years ago i was camping(hunting) and was all alone on the mountain until one evening i'd had
a very long day. a local farmer had raised guineas down at the base of the mountain and had a
peacock escape. .. one of my former hunting buddies came up the trail just after dark and set his tent up and sat down by the fire to talk when that old peacock went berserk in a tree above. my old friend had brought some idiot with him that was half drunk on cheap wine and had no business outin the wilderness. anyway that bird went berserkers in a tree right above the camp and the drunk guy nearly had a heart attack and ran all the way down the mountain and spent the night in the car ...scott and i laughed at him the next morning and sent him back up to retrieve his gear by himself. the heck if i was gonna haul his stuff down for him.. but we told him to watch out there was some sort of creature up there ... the drunk guy was wary and didnt want to go back on his own ,... finally we told him what had scared him so bad ...
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Re: things that go bump in the night

Post by Killir Duck » Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:14 am

i love playing with rocks and sticks

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Re: things that go bump in the night

Post by Whitewolf » Tue Jul 30, 2013 6:24 pm

One stick, one string. What more does a guy need? Oh yeah, and something that makes LOTS of smoke when you pull the trigger!

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Re: things that go bump in the night

Post by hawkthrower » Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:33 pm

I just came across this post Great story Robert!!!
Thought I'd add a things that went bump in the night story -

A long time ago I was on a solo "long walk" in the wilderness with my old dog. It was the summer after I had finished College. I had been out for a little over a week. My dog Max and I had walked to an alpine meadow above a lake in an area known as Trail Riders Wall. We had seen big herds of elk and some small groups of deer and other creatures on our trek up above tree line.... We had walked until twilight and I decided to pitch camp there on the ridge, the night was crystal clear and there was only a hint of a breeze...... Beautiful

After a nice backpack dinner Max and I settled down for a snooze.........Watching the Moon rise and under a brilliant milky way and a billion stars.

We dozed off ........

Several hours went by, I think... I don't know exactly what time it was but the moon had moved substantially across the sky - maybe 3 or 4 in the morning.....

I was rocked awake by a loud crash and then it felt like something kicked me? :? Then the tent collapsed around us! There was a major ruckus outside. I could hear my cook pots being tossed and my pack being ransacked!!!! :shock: My first thought was BEAR! :eek:
Max was goin crazy!

I fought my way out of my sleeping bag and fumbled for the tent door, Finally finding the door and the zipper, I SLOWLY looked around - it was very very dark - I saw way too many legs and shaggy fur and it smelled BAD! Max fought his way out of the collapsed tent and the ground EXPLODED ! ! !
Major brown shorts moment! Then I realized what was going on.........

We were in the middle a huge herd (maybe 50 or 60) of BIg Horn Sheep!!! they had destroyed my camp knocked down the tent and scattered my equipment all over the ridge!!!! :evil:
Max was having a grand time herding them all over..... They weren't too thrilled with us but they didn't care too much either!

After spending the rest of the night and a good bit of the morning gathering up my stuff we continued on another 2 weeks or so - no more pitching camp where the Big Horns might hang out!!!
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