is a site intended to promote Traditional Hunting. Whether it be Archery or Primitive Firearms, TradRag is a place where hunters and hobbyist can come together and share experiences, thoughts on gear and clothing, trade, buy, or sell products, post pictures of harvest, share stories, etc.

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The reason for introducing another traditional hunting forum was to offer the Traditional Hunter both an opportunity to discuss Traditional Archery and Traditional Firearms in one place.  

Our commitment is to use the site to give back and grow the Traditional Community. Whether that be knowledge shared or the regular giveaways featuring quality handmade products made by our fellow TradRag friends and hunters.

Our goal for this site is to grow large enough to sponsor and give away hunts, gear, and be contributors and organizers of great shoots and events.

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How-To, Tutorials, and Information
How to build a Recurve Bow
How to make Turkey Fletchings
How to build a Longbow
How to Splice Feathers
How to make a Broadhead
How to make a Side Quiver
How to do Gunsmithing
How to restock a CVA
How to heat treat a Muzzleloader
History of Archery
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